First milestone reached!

Hello everyone,

The team is proud to announce that we have reached our first milestone! That’s 1000 visitors within the timespan of a week and it’s very impressive 🙂 Our record so far is 218 visitors in ONE DAY, which is on 31st March 2008. So, keep up the good work, everyone and continue to spread the news about this website. Put up links on your blogs and sites and get as many people to watch the videos as possible.

We want to reach as many people as possible and YOU can play a part in bringing more people here. Till then, happy learning!

Best regards,


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Forum launched and other updates!

Hello everyone,

The team is  proud to present to you Project TuitionLah’s very own FORUM, where users are able to post their comments and questions freely as well as to hold discussions with other users. Some of the services provided include the 1-on-1 sub-forum where students can ask experienced teachers questions regarding parts of the lessons that they don’t understand. Both students and teachers can benefit from the Students’ Lounge and The Staff Room sub-forum, respectively, because they can meet their peers and discuss together the challenges that they may face together.

In fact, you can also get your technical problems with this website sorted out by posting in the Technical Help sub-forum and someone from the team will help you to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Aside from the launching of Project TuitionLah’s Forum, the team would also like to thank everyone for all the kind comments that they have received from people who have gotten something out of this project and the team appreciates all the publicity that this project has received.

If you think you know someone who may be interested in Bible Knowledge for SPM, do let him/her know about this project and continue to spread the good word so that more people will be able to benefit from the video lessons that the team has put up on this website.

See you on the forums!

Best regards,

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Project TuitionLah is now launched!

Hi, welcome to Project TuitionLah’s webpage, brought to you by Thinking Bulb Productions. The team is proud to present  video lessons by some of the best Bible Knowledge teachers in Malaysia! Being such a unique project, many questions will be raised and hopefully the simple Q&A provided in the About page will get those questions answered.

If you’re a student with a great amount of interest in wanting to learn Bible Knowledge in preparation for your SPM Examination, this site is for you! You can view the lessons that we have made available by clicking on either Acts of the Apostles or the Gospel according to Luke to view the respective lessons. Whatever questions that you may have on the videos or the lessons can be posted on the comments section of each video. The team will try their very best to get your questions forwarded to the respective teachers and have them answered for you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Project TuitionLah, feel free to send them to the team by utilizing the contact details provided in the Contact Us page.

Happy learning and hopefully you will get the most out of this service that Thinking Bulb Production have provided!

Best regards,

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These videos are purely supplementary and are not intended in any way to replace the actual lessons taught by the teachers. Students are recommended to attend actual lessons and classes and purchase the study guides in order to assist them in learning. This is meant as a reference ONLY. The study guides used by these teachers are published by ISAACHAR Sdn. Bhd. of the publishing group Good News Resources Sdn. Bhd. The study guides are titled ‘A Study Guide to The GOSPEL According to LUKE; Bible Knowledge SPM’ and ‘A Study Guide to the Book of ACTS; Bible Knowledge SPM’ The study guides can be purchased from most Christian bookstores around the country.

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